Our Programs

We teach coding at all levels: from beginner (8 yrs and above) to advanced coding. We focus on concepts and customize to meet the needs of our students. We use a graduated approach and offer multiple stages after-school, weekends and holiday code camps.


Passionate Mentors and Coaches from high tech industry

Not just Passion to teach, we also bring experience from some of the best companies in high tech industry like Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry.

Student Centric

Students are everything for us! Our Kernel, CPU, Heart, Brain, whatever you want to call them!

Creative and Customized Curriculum

When students are central, One-size-does-not fit all! That’s exactly our approach!

Focus on Coding concepts and Coding-as-skill approach

Languages are means for expression. Concepts and skills are our key focus.

Prepare kids for computing contests and future tech

It’s an evolving tech world! So we encourage and prepare kids for computing contests.

Build games and real world projects

We put the concepts and skills to action through building games and real world applications. Tech leaders not only understand the concepts, but also roll-up the sleeves to create and build value.


Inspire the belief that every kid and young adult or teen can code and create, by keeping a student centric approach and customizing to the learning needs of every kid and young adult, while catering to the aspirations of tomorrow’s Programmers and Tech leaders.


To enable, teach and inspire every kid and young adult or teen to Code. We believe that Coding is not just for wanna-be-techies/software engineers. It is a can and must have skill for every kid and young adult or teen.